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Municipality of Monza

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Monza nominated as "city of childrens"


SUPEROFFICINA® is currently located in Monza, 12 Km north from Milan (in the north of Italy) the country's second largest city and its main financial and business centre.

Monza is the administrative centre of the province of Monza and Brianza (MB) with a metropolitan area of 800,000 citizens. It is the third largest town in Lombardy Region.

Lombardy Region is one of the so called "4 Economy Engines of Europe", together with Baden-Württemberg Land,  the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Rhone-Alpes Region.

The city of Monza has a strong a vibrant economy with a tradition dating back to the industrial age: in 1840, the country's second railway started connecting Milan to Monza and, in 1902, the first Italian industrial entrepreneurial association was founded in Monza.

Now the economic system of Monza and Brianza has a strong propensity for innovation (70% of the Italian annual patents are released here) in both products and processes, with exports of around 50% of its yearly turnover.

The province of Monza has extensive road and rail networks connecting the region with the rest of the country and beyond, and also benefits from an advantageous position at the crossing point of European trade routes to Austria, France and Switzerland (30 km far).

Monza is serviced by three airports, Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo. Highways: A4-E64 (Turin-Milan-Venice), A52 (North Ring of Milan), A51 (East Ring of Milan). Expressway to Lecco and Sondrio (SS36).

The Monza area benefits from a continuous labour supply of well educated and skilled people who are attracted to the region from all over the country and abroad. In addition, the five universities of the city of Milan ensure a steady stream of new graduates.

Monza is a hospitable, elegant and discreet city full of history and charm.

The history of Monza is closely related to that of Milan. The cathedral, founded (600 AD) by the Lombard queen Theodolinda, contains the iron crown of Lombardy, which was made, according to the tradition, from a nail of Christ's cross and which was used to crown Charlemagne, Charles V, Napoleon I, and other emperors as kings of Lombardy or of Italy. The historical centre also contains the church of "Santa Maria in Strada", with a rich terra-cotta facade of 1393, and the Arengario, the 14th Century palace of the civic commune, raised on an arcade of pointed arches, with a tall square machiolated tower terminating in a sharp central cone. Nearby, the royal villa (Villa Reale) originally built by Piermarini in 1777 for the archduke Ferdinand of Austria, lies on the banks of the Lambro, surrounded by its park, the biggest walled park in Europe (14 Km long).

Monza has one of the most famous sport racetracks (born in 1922) in the world. City of art and tourism but also splendid stores, peaceful walks and noiseless nooks.















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